What Is The One Thing That If You Worked On It Now Would Make The Biggest Difference To Your Emotional Wellbeing?

Would it be more confidence?  Handling fear, anxiety and stress better?  Making wiser choices?  Or living with more meaning?

All of us from time to time face challenges that need us to reflect on our lives, where we are going and how we're going about it.  This website is designed to help you in those moments of reflection so that you can live as freely and happily as possible.

However, just so we're clear that doesn't mean there's a magic wand to make it all better.  Or that you'll live blissfully happily ever after.  The fact is there is a purpose and a meaning to the struggles we live.  Taking those away would make life more clinical and less real.  The reality is that no-one is happy all the time, though some people have such a refined quality of living that to others, their misery seems like others joy.

There is a natural cycle of emotions that we need to experience fully to live freely and happily.  None of us have reached perfection.  If we're still breathing there's a higher level of living that we can achieve.

In order to reach that level we need to feel some discomfort, some level of negative emotion that represents a challenge to evolve to a higher level of being.  So we feel some discomfort, maybe because something stressful has happened, maybe because there is something we want to achieve, but we feel something that makes us discontent.

Next comes the period of struggle.  The time where we grapple and grasp with the issue until we find the solution.  For the solution is always out there, always available to us.  It is just when we let ourselves open up to be aware of it.  The length of time that we spend in the struggle is up to us.  It is dependent on how open and receptive we are to answers, how vulnerable we'll allow ourselves to be and how flexible we are in the solution we use.


Now it is true that the more generally positive your life is, the less dramatic the swing from negative to positive is.  In other words, someone who spends most of their time at peace and feeling good will be more sensitive and so they won’t need a lot of negative emotion for them to feel unbalanced.  Whereas someone who often feels stressed, angry and afraid will need a lot of emotion before it gets their attention.

Because that’s really what negative emotion is about.  Getting your attention and focus so you do something about what’s bothering you.  The other distinction between generally happy people and those who are less so, is how quickly they can get through the negative parts of the cycle.  While we have to experience negativity to grow, we don’t have to stay there.  It can be just a momentary stage.

So my promise to you, is that spending time in getting good at Truth Seeking will mean you never feel as bad as you might otherwise, you never need to stay feeling stuck in negativity and you will avoid much of the more dramatic situations.

We are here to help you in two ways.  To help you deal with something that’s bothering you right now.  Or to help you to reflect on what your life is about, where you are going and consider how you can get there while avoiding much of the pitfalls that many stumble into and get stuck in.

  • The Truth Seeker's Starter Pack

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    Emotional Immunity Vs Avoidance Or Control

    The 3 Great Projects

    The 3 Core Fears

    Alternatives To The Truth Seeker Strategy

  • The Happiness Formula

    Hear the overview of all the components that determine how happy we are.

  • The Six Questions To Clarity

    Clarity is the key to confidence, stress and making wise decisions.  Here’s a great process to bring clarity to everything from minor stresses to your life direction.

  • Managing Fear

    Fear is at the root of all emotion.  We need to manage it so that we stay in control and don’t let it run away with us.

  • Confident Living

    How to live confidently and go out in the world and make the difference that you want to.

  • Living With Meaning

    Ideas and perspectives to live with more meaning and purpose and being someone worthy of respect and respectful of all.

  • Making Wise Choices

    Our decisions, beginning with our decisions of where to focus our attention and energies up to how we spend our days and what kind of relationships we have determine our happiness.  Some thoughts on making wiser choices.

  • Timeless Universal Principles

    Ideas to consider that you can test out in situation after situation and decide if they are true or not for you.

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