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The only way to be happy is to be yourself.  Yet in a world where everyone wants you to be someone else that isn’t easy. 
So we need to defend ourselves from any and every force acting against our natural design.
We need to deal in reality.  And so we must actively seek out truth.
It’s what we don’t see that hurts us and so as I think of them,  I share ideas to make Truth Seekers more conscious.  That's why this site exists.  Hopefully you'll join in and do the same for me.

The Three Big Threats To Your Happiness

We have three constant questions that we continually ask ourselves.  When we think of the future and can answer these positively, we are happy.  When we can't we are stressed, scared or sad.
  • Thrive

    Will I survive and even thrive?
    In this rough, hard world can I make it?
  • Love

    Am I loved and do I love?
    Am I a part of things, do I belong?
  • Matter

    Do I Matter?
    Does my life count for anything, have I made a difference?
We thrive, love and matter when we are our true self.  In a selfish world though we have to fight for our right to be who we want to be.

Current Book In Progress:  
The Truejutsu Manifesto

Your happiness depends upon your ability to make wise choices free of influence or pressure.  Here's how...
We need freedom from the influences that will sway us off course to make the decisions that allow us to be ourselves.  
To do this we need to have the confidence to go for what we want, the ability to not let fear stop us and the respect for ourselves, others and our environment to make mature choices.

Last Book: What People Are Saying About First Face North

Reviews for the book First Face North
  • "I would say that your book was one of my key building blocks in understanding the science of happiness. What differentiated your book was its simplicity… "
  • Your book is one of the best that I have read. I enjoyed it, and as a matter of fact, I look forward to reading it again. I want all this information programmed into my brain."
  • “I am indeed grateful and feel very inspired after I read your e-book. I was at my lowest point at that time when I chance upon to see your site and read your e-book. I recall the feeling of having clarity showered upon me while and after I have read your e-book. It was literally one of those e-books I’d recommend to anyone to read to have that sense of clarity and be inspired to move on with their life despite all the obstacles they have.”
  • “Your book was the catalyst to my “personal development”. It helped me to understand myself better and changed my whole outlook on life. So much better than the books that say “do these 10 exercises and you’ll be happy”. You gave more of an explanation and philosophy. Perhaps allowing the readers to take different things from it and internalise it in their own way. Much more powerful! The story in it about the friends that met when one was going to commit suicide had me in tears!”

Have A Question Or Want To Share An Opinion?

My passion is connecting with genuine Truth Seekers and developing the art of Truejutsu.  Truejutsu is the emotional and physical counterpart to martial arts.  Where they teach you to defend yourself from physical attack, Truejutsu teaches you to defend your emotional and psychological state. 
If you feel influenced by others that it's affecting your ability to determine your own path or there's an issue you are trying to find a new perspective on, or something you would like to share, drop me a line.
I am particularly looking for people who I can write about and use as Case Studies to explain and demonstrate the art of Truejutsu.

Blog Posts

A few of the posts on the blog
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  • Not my answer, but one opened for fellow Readers to share their thoughts.

  • Why Are Some People Selfish And Others Selfless?

    What makes some people self obsessed and without regard for others, while some people would give the shirt off their own back.

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