How To Stay Happy And Sane… Even With These 10 Common Relationship Problems

Perhaps the most common source of the problems we face comes from our relationships.  Relationships with parents, peers, lovers, colleagues, children and neighbours.  All of these cause us endless hassles and heartaches.  Here’s 10 real life situations that people have been grappling with and asked my perspective on.

How Can I Be Happy And Feel Loved?

I’m in love with a Man, but he’s still in contact with his ex Wife and he won’t commit to me.  How can I still be happy even with this all going on?

Follow Up Post With Reader’s Views On How Can I Be Happy And Feel Loved

More Controversy – 2nd Follow Up Post on How Can I Be Happy And Feel Loved

How Can I be Happy When My Husband Does This?

A woman finds her husband cheating with an old flame.  He agrees to stop, but then needs his own space.  Here’s my perspective.

Follow Up With Reader’s Views And Perspectives

Follow Up Part 2 – More Opinions And Debate

How Can I Be Happy Without Him?

A Reader met someone, they had a great time together, but as the relationship progressed the guilt he felt at leaving his family came between them.  Here’s my thoughts.

How To Trust Other People And Should I?

Should you trust a Partner in a long distance relationship?

Should you even trust people you deal with on a day to day basis?

Here’s my thoughts…

How Can I Be Happy When I Was Wrongly Accused Of Sexual Assault?

Imagine you were accused of sexual assault unfairly by someone with emotional and psychological issues that other people are not aware of and you can’t divulge.  How do you deal with the ‘mud sticks’ problem and get on with your life?

How Can I Be Happy When I Feel So Negative?

How do you deal with feeling negative and stuck in a rut?  Here’s my take.

How Can I Be Happy When I’m Being Persecuted?

Abandoned, unloved, no job and alone with full blown AIDS.  How do you cope?

How Can I Be Happy When My Boyfriend Won’t Commit?

I love my boyfriend, but he won’t commit to me.  Should I offer an ultimatum?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I don’t feel I can be happy with my Husband, but is it selfish or irresponsible to leave to be happy?

How Can I Be Happy When I Don’t Know Where I Stand?

I’m a single Mum and I’ve recently been swept off my feet by a lovely man, but something is starting to not feel right.  There’s too many doubts and unknowns.  How can I deal with such uncertainty?

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