The Importance Of Clarity In Communication

Here’s something amusing. Watch the short video and then read on to see why it is relevant.

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It might seem random for me to put that video here, but I wanted that to put you in the state of mind that will be most receptive to what I have to say. Which is basically that the differences caused by accent in the video are much like the differences we have in conflicts in our lives.

Most of the time we fight, argue and generally make ourselves miserable about slight misunderstandings. Wars are fought, lives are lost and countries devastated over trivialities.

photo credit: Foxtongue

One time a long, long time ago by human standards, though a blink of an eye in the scheme of evolution, some of our Ancestors walked out of Africa in search of more fertile land. Over time they set up home, developed civilisations, a code of conduct and a framework of legality to enforce these standards.

One day they developed the idea of ownership. And suddenly what was land became ‘my land’, because I could put a flag down quickest. Or fight most aggressively.

keep out
photo credit: Stephanie Marquez

And the best organised fighting force decided what was fair. And the most powerful organised Laws and social structures to enforce their ideas. Land was given as reward for loyalty. Those without land were governed by those with land.
photo credit: soldiersmediacenter

Yet can Man give what Man does not own and did not create?

I quite often get people who want to help me see the error of my ways and teach me a better philosophy or correct a minor point I made. Or they think I made.

And in every case where I have taken the time with the person to get to the essence of whatever path they advocate I agree with what the essence and say ‘that’s what I said’. At the root we were saying the same thing, just in different words.

You see, while you get the 7 steps to this or the 4 truths of this in a book or philosophy they seem to be taking different paths. But at their root, they all tap into the same river of truth. Just at different levels and in different forms.

Cascading water
photo credit: gooseberrys

The person tapping into it has to describe it within the limitations of their belief structure using the references and the words they have available to them. And each will resonate with certain people depending on their thought structure and level of understanding. But at the core, it’s the same fruit.

It’s like looking at art. Archeologists have found ornate paintings on cave walls.

Cave Art @ the Aquarium
photo credit: LoreleiRanveig

Rembrandt and DaVinci painted on canvas.

Gaggle Paris
photo credit: nickstone333

Today modern Artists use a wide range of props.

near Maarstrict train stop
photo credit: jamtea

Each Artist is using the tools and techniques available to them to express the ideas in their head based on what they believe to be possible. It’s all art, yet they look very different.

Here’s another example.

There are many channeled books and Authors who have conversations with God or with Jesus or some other Guardian Angel. I like a lot of these, such as A Course in Miracles, Mari Perron’s work, Bashar, and Abraham-Hicks. Now I have recommended these to people and almost all have commented on the form of delivery.

Now I don’t believe their story to be honest.

I don’t mean that they are putting on an act. If you see Abraham or Bashar in action, I would be astonished if anyone could answer such a range of questions so well and keep up a pretence. Or that a group of people could write something as deep and pure as A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love and then make up a story of it’s creation.

What I mean is that I believe these people genuinely believe the story they tell. But I don’t believe Jesus or Angels decided to come and talk through these people or Moses or Joan of Arc for that matter.

I believe that there is a river of wisdom that any of us can dip into. And I think that these Author’s have found a way to dip into this wisdom, but can’t accept that it comes through them. And so, just as a person develops a split personality, they take it as coming in a form that makes sense to them as being wiser and more authoritative than themselves.

It all comes from the same source. But we all translate this in a way that makes sense to us within our belief structure.

There is only one path, one way and one destination. But we all look at it differently and so it seems to be a different path. The differences come not from the Life we look at, but from our interpretation of Life.

Jefferson's Slaves Lived Here
photo credit: Tony the Misfit

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